Meet Nancy Rosborough

As an established truffle farmer in Gibsonville, NC, I have first-hand knowledge of the value of the services provided by Mycorrhiza Biotech, LLC (MBT). As the Chief Executive Officer at MBT, I am responsible for company operations, financial accountability, and strategic direction.  Additionally, I put my corporate and farming skills to work on the MBT team where I  provide consultative services to customers, students, and researchers interested in mycorrhizal biotechnology. My farm is essentially the real world test lab for MBT where our technologies are proven and services refined for market. I received a bachelors of business administration from Howard University.

About Us

Mycorrhiza Biotech, LLC is at the forefront of innovative biotechnology for agriculture.

Our executives are PMP certified and adhere to the highest industry standards for project management enabling us to deliver products and services that meet client requirements on-time and on-budget. 

Innovation is the key to delivering:

Practical agricultural products, tools, and services that help America’s farms and forests thrive

  •  Truffle-inoculated loblolly pine seedlings
  •  Seedling certification
  •  Soil test for competing fungi
  •  Competing fungi detection
  •  Truffle forming fungi detection

Innovative biotechnology services tailored to your individual needs

  • Bioremediation
  • Custom designed assays
  • Pure culture characterization

Mycorrhiza Biotech has established partnerships with recognized leaders in fungi technology and research. We continue to identify new methods for truffle detection and certification, thus supporting a growing truffle farm management knowledgebase.

We regularly identify new methods for bioremediation and design of custom assays in the fields of environmental engineering, environmental restoration, environmental monitoring, and characterization of fungi in pure culture. Our clients include consulting firms, remediation contractors, and individuals.

Our company seeks to develop technologies that make our clients' operations easier to manage, less speculative, and more profitable.