Truffle detection #Samples
1-100 101-300 301-500 500+
Level 1 consists of a visual examination of the seedling root tips to determine the presence or absence of mycorrhiza. $50 $45 $35 $25
Level 2 analysis includes a visual examination described in level 1 as well as DNA Extraction and PCR Amplification to determine whether the detected mycorrhiza is in the tuber family. $85 $75 $65 $45
Level 3, the highest level of analysis includes levels 1 & 2 analysis plus DNA Sequencing to determine the exact origin of the truffle species. Absolute verification of Tuber melanosporum (or present fungi). $120 $100 $80 $65

Service includes:

  • Sample collection instruction and mailing kit
  • Comprehensive report w/ graphics
*All prices per sample are subject to change without notice