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Truffle-inoculated loblolly pine seedlings

Co-cropping truffles with loblolly pine can provide growers with an additional $110,000 of income per acre over the truffle production cycle.  Loblolly pine forests have better survival rates against factors such as drought and other weather extremes when they are highly mycorrhized. Mycorrhiza Biotech uses patent-pending micro-propagation and biotechnology protocols to propagate loblolly pine seedlings inoculated with Tuber borchii.   We use DNA-based techniques to confirm the presence and level of mycorrhization. Once the presence of Tuber borchii is confirmed they are ready for planting in the prepared site. The process from germination to planting takes between nine and twelve months.

Soil test for competing fungi

Soil to be used for truffle farming may already have other truffle forming fungi of no economic importance, which can compete against the truffle fungus that a farmer wants to cultivate. Some indegenous truffles can be detrimental to the farming enterprise.

Therefore, before a farmer invests in inoculated seedlings and extensive site preparation, it is critical that the soil is tested to determine the presence or absence of indegenous fungi in the tuber family and other mycorrizal fungi.

Truffle certification

The truffle production cycle takes up to nine years creating huge risks for truffle farmers. Due to these and other risks associated with truffle farming, farmers and seedling producers would benefit from authentication of the presence of the desired truffle forming fungi on seedlings prior to sale or purchase. MBT can analyze seedlings before they are purchased or sold and certify the presence of the desired truffle forming fungi.

Competing fungi detection

Indigenous micro flora may have mycorrhizal forming fungi especially those in the tuberales family that competes with the desired truffle forming fungi (in seedlings) and in many cases eliminates the desired fungi. Before establishing a truffle farm the farmer should determine if competing fungi exist.

MBT has the molecular biology based technique to sample soil and existing trees to detect possible competing fungi in the desired location(s).


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