Custom designed Assays

Custom screening assays

MBT will assist in design and execution of screening assays. MBT collaborates with a client to design and execute an assay to screen a set of pure cultures of an organism for the ability to degrade or colonize a substrate. Identity of cultures can be verified if needed.

Detection of an organism of interest in environmental samples

Environmental sample refers to plant roots, soil, water, or substrate used for mass propagation of inoculum. MBT conducts a DNA-based test screening for the presence of a target organism. The test is carried out using unique species-specific primers and robust optimized protocols.

Verification of identity of cultivated material

MBT will ascertain identity of a culture using microscopy (bright light, phase contrast, SEM) and DNA sequencing. MBT will deliver description and photographs of microscopic traits of a culture, sequenced DNA marker, and results of sequence analysis.

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